You chose a boat to charter with us, you probably even have a skippered license but you are still thinking about whether or not to hire a skipper or a hostess or maybe both on the boat. If you are coming to sail in Croatia, Greece or Italy for the first time, it is a good idea to have a local man on board. Hiring a hostess or a cook is great if you are a truly experienced sailor where he / she could be your local “guide”, let you in on all the excellent places to visit and tips on how to avoid crowds and maybe even give you a hand on board. A skipper is for those people who love to enjoy their vacation and don’t worry about anything.

Given our extensive experience in the boating business and especially in charter of all yachts, we have made excellent acquaintances, partners and friends in the industry at all locations – the best caterers, restaurants, destinations, and of course skippers, cooks, hostesses and other nautical professionals that can help you and offer you the best possible service.

These nautical professionals makes you the difference between a good holiday and an amazing one! They make sure you are safe and enjoying the time of your life on our yachts in Croatia, Greece or Italy.


Our skippers are all fully professional sailors with all the necessary sailing certificates and licenses and with many miles under sails. Also all the skippers are all insured so you don’t need to worry about anything. Even if you are an experiences boater, having a skipper on board can be very useful and helpful– skipper will look after all the things that concern the boat in port and at sea, and some of his/her duties may be (but are not limited to):

  • check-in and check-out – technical and operational procedures at check-in while you explore the nearby sights or enjoy a delicious meal in a fine restaurant
  • a short briefing with your crew to prepare you for your cruise and make a itinerary with the crew
  • monitoring weather forecasts and sea conditions and arrange the itinerary
  • preparing daily sailing routes and suggesting activities in cooperation with the crew
  • keeping the boat in excellent working order and the deck clean at all time
  • refueling, resupplying water and connecting electricity in the harbors
  • handling harbor fees and submitting necessary documents to the authorities
  • local guidance – sights, attractions, activities, shops, restaurants, car and motor rentals for the crew if they need ti
  • navigating the yacht – while you either sunbathe, read a book or just relax
  • sailing “course” – skipper is always ready to share knowledge and explain everything from ropes and navigational equipment to using natural elements to move in the desired direction
  • supervising the yacht when at anchor at all time

However, skipper’s responsibilities do not include cooking (although there are some that love to share a recipe or two and are quite skilled in the galley) and dish washing, cleaning the interior, shopping for food and babysitting!


A hostess is someone who will do her best to make your vacation more memorable and pleasant with nothing to do then just relax. She is on board to maintain the boat cleanliness, prepare food and clear after meals and to help you to choose the most suitable restaurant for your dinners, give advice on places of interest (guide books do not have so many first-hand information) and also if you are coming with small kind, help you to looking our to them.

Her tasks varyon the number of crew members and usually include (but are not limited to):

  • preparing the interior of the boat and checking the galley inventory, cleaning utensils and means, as well as bedding’s for you and the crew
  • greeting you upon your arrival and helping you to settle in with your bags
  • advising you on provisioning for the charter and payment methods before departure (it is common practice that at least one crew member accompanies the hostess during the first shopping to make joint decisions while choosing the best food for the trip and also help in carrying)
  • stowing provisions ready for sea
  • daily shopping – getting fresh bread and other necessities and groceries in the marinas
  • prepare and serve breakfast and lunch or dinner at the time previously agreed with guests as well as skipper. Other meals can be arranged at additional cost – optional.
  • washing up and putting away the dishes after meals and tidying up the salon
  • checking and cleaning your showers and heads once a day
  • if agreed, the hostess will make your bed in the morning
  • baby-sitting service is also a possibility but as this adds to her tasks additional hostess-fee depends on the number of children and the time spent baby-sitting

However, a hostess is not a professional cook and you cannot demand specific sorts of meals (especially not dishes which are specialties of other different foreign countries or dishes that demand extended preparation). The hostess will do her best to provide a diverse Mediterranean menu for all of you, full of local food, rich with fresh vegetables and fruit, sea food and much more.

Your hostess will be get in touch with you several weeks before your holiday to plan the menu according to your preferences that you will provide us.

Marine experience – all our hostesses are marine trained so they can help during dock maneuvers and some sailing activities. When required, the hostess will help the skipper during maneuvers (coming in and out of marinas, dropping anchor, refueling etc.) and then finish her other duties. Remember, safety on any boat always comes first!


What are the main differences between a hostess and a cook? Here is a table to make the decision easier so you can decide by your self;

Tasks Cook / Chef Hostess
meal preparation as many as required breakfast + one meal
meal types all types (international, local) even more complicated meals but bearing in mind the galley equipment and conditions on board usually local and less complicated meals but very tasteful and in accordance with your wishes
cleaning galley and salon only the boat’s interior as well as cabins, heads and showers
helping with maneuvers always a priority always a priority
baby-sitting available upon request and with a surcharge


Bear in mind that

  • any crew member needs a separate cabin or berth on board
  • you need to provide food for the crew members
  • although all our boats are very comfortable, the space on board is limited and cooperation and tolerance is required from all crew members
  • all crew members need their daily rest after they have finished with their tasks and duties