Bisevo is a teeny-tiny island that is located just off the southwestern coast of the island of Vis. It has a total surface area of about 6 square kilometers and a permanent population of only 20 people. Although there are a total of 26 caverns on the island, it is most well-known for the breathtaking Blue Cave (known as Modra spilja in Croatian), which is located near Balun Bay.

On Bisevo, there is no such thing as running water, and there are also no stores. In addition to this, the island is completely car-free. (There are none of these things!)

Blue Cave Bisevo Island Europe Yachts Charter 2
Blue Cave Bisevo Island Europe Yachts Charter 2

How to Make Your Way to Bisevo

From Komiza on the island of Vis to Porat on the island of Bisevo, there is a boat service that runs throughout the year. On Bisevo, boats go continuously during the day and make three stops: at Mezuporat, at Salbunara, and at Porat. Mezuporat is the meeting point for boats heading to the Blue Cave. It takes the boats 1 hour to go to Salbunara, 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to Bisevo, and Mezuporat may be reached in 1 hour and 45 minutes. On the website of the Croatian Coastal Shipping Agency, you will find a clock that displays the current time. A ticket going in only one direction cost 25 Kunas (20 Kunas outside of high season).

Because of the schedule that this boat follows, you will be able to spend a significant amount of the day on Bisevo. On a daily basis, the boat arrives at the island’s port in the wee hours of the morning and departs in the late afternoon.

Alternately, many tourists to Bisevo may go on a day excursion to the island from either Vis or Split. Split is the more popular option.

If you are fortunate enough to have your own boat, you may certainly dock your vessel on your own by Bisevo! You can alternatively choose to dock at Mezuporat, where you can make the switch to the smaller boats that will take you into the Blue Cave.

Blue Cave Bisevo Island Europe Yachts Charter 1
Blue Cave Bisevo Island Europe Yachts Charter 1

Where to Go and What to Do on the Island of Bisevo

The shimmering, azure gem that sits atop the crown of Bisevo! The name of this natural phenomena comes from the fact that it causes a bright blue light to shine in the cave at specific periods of the day. The cave can be found on the eastern side of Bisevo and is 24 meters long and 12 meters deep. The entrance to the cave is just 2.5 meters wide and 1.5 meters high. Because the cave has a hole in it through which light may enter, the water inside the cave emits a brilliant, shimmering blue light effect at about the same time as the cave itself appears to glow blue.

There are two different routes that might be taken to reach the Blue Cave. You may participate in a pre-planned trip by departing from Split on the mainland, the neighboring island of Vis, or even Hvar. Some examples of these excursions are the Blue Cave and Six Island Tour departing from Split, and the Blue Cave and Pakleni Islands Tour departing from Hvar. On Vis, inquire at a travel bureau about available trips.

You also have the option of taking the boat from Komiza on Vis to Mezuporat, where you will disembark. You may purchase tickets and get in line for the little boats that will transport you inside the Blue Cave if you come here first.

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The Blue Cave is a fairly well-known tourist destination; in fact, it is so well-visited that lines of boats may develop outside the tunnel in anticipation of entering, and the cave within may become “full” of vessels. Because of this, we strongly suggest beginning your visit “from” a location that is as close to the cave as is humanly possible, such as the island of Vis. This is preferable to making a long journey just to reach Bisevo and then having to wait in line once more, which can take several hours during the busiest times of the year.

You should also be aware that going to the Blue Cave depends on the weather; if there are particularly powerful waves, the entrance to the cave will be shut, which does not happen very often in the summer. However, if you go a little bit outside of the season, the cave will be less crowded, but there is also a somewhat larger risk that the weather will be “poor” and that the tours won’t be running. Additionally, we recommend that you get there as early in the day as you are able to in order to avoid the crowds.

Blue Cave Bisevo Island Europe Yachts Charter 4
Blue Cave Bisevo Island Europe Yachts Charter 4

Monk Seal’s Cave/Medvidina Spilja

On the southern side of the island lies a cave that was once inhabited by monk seals but they have since left. This cave is known as the Monk Seal Cave after its former residents. The entrance to the cave is 14 meters wide and relatively tall, and the tunnel goes rather deeply into a pebble-y beach (where the seals originally sought cover) – so profoundly, in fact, that after a certain point in the cave, there is utter darkness throughout the remainder of the cavern. In point of fact, the length of the tunnel is 160 meters, making it the longest sea cave in the Adriatic. It is very recommended to go on an organized tour with a knowledgeable guide who is familiar with the cave; inquire at any of the beaches on Vis.

A little sandy beach with a view of the bay may be found near Porat bay. This beach is shielded from the waves by the higher terrain above, and because it is close to several of Bisevo’s restaurants (see below), it would be an excellent spot to set up camp for at least part of the day.

The beach in Salbunara may be found in a smaller bay that is situated a little higher up from Porat Bay. Relax in the shade of the pine trees that line the stunningly beautiful sandy beach.

You may go on an excursion around the island’s scenery if you want to work up a sweat before cooling off on the sand at one of the beaches. At a height of 239 meters, the summit of the island is the highest point.

Blue Cave Bisevo Island Europe Yachts Charter 5
Blue Cave Bisevo Island Europe Yachts Charter 5

Consuming Food and Drink on the Island of Bisevo

On Bisevo, there are just a select few options for dining, but if you’ve worked up an appetite after a busy few hours of exploring, you’ll find that any of the following will satisfy your cravings! Keep in mind that there are no stores on the island, so if you aren’t planning on eating at one of the following restaurants, you’ll need to carry your own food and refreshments (particularly water in the heat!). I kindly ask that you take your trash back home with you.

A great place to sample fish and shellfish delicacies in the Porat bay area, particularly squid, is the little cafe known as Konoba Tomic.

In addition to being a cozy and homey restaurant, Restoran kod Jakse in Porat bay serves up some substantial fare.

Blue Cave Bisevo Island Europe Yachts Charter 3
Blue Cave Bisevo Island Europe Yachts Charter 3

Lodging options available on Bisevo

Bisevo has a limited supply of lodging options; thus, the majority of tourists only stay on the island for a single day.

Check out the islandescape glamping site if you are interested in spending at least a couple of nights on the island. There are three wooden eco-shelters available for rent, each with space for two to four people. On-site, there is a small kitchen area that is shared among guests; however, cooking is not allowed in this space; rather, the proprietors of the campground may provide you with breakfast, lunch, and supper. (There will be an extra charge.)

On the other hand, you may choose to stay on the island of Vis, more specifically in the town of Komiza, which is conveniently located close to Bisevo for day visits. Check out the Accommodation on Vis page for more information on places to stay on the island.

For visiting Blue Cave and the bisevo island, its best to charter a yacht in Split area.