The newly released Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 has a lot of genetic material in common with the company’s First Yacht 53, which was released the previous year. However, for sailors who are more interested in cruising and partying than racing, the Oceanis Yacht 54 is the better option because it is not only more luxurious but also bears a slightly different rig.

The new model Oceanis 54 S/Y is scheduled to arrive at our charter base in Marina Split from the Beneteau shipyard at the end of March, according to the most recent estimates. In this way, it will be ready to be chartered at the beginning of May with all of the necessary equipment. It will have a configuration consisting of three cabins, with an additional cabin for the captain located in the bow. The Oceanis 54 S/Y can only be rented with one of our qualified skippers, much like the rest of our larger and more expensive sailboats, because he is intimately familiar with both the vessel and the surrounding waters.

During the pandemic, one of the most popular types of sailing vacations has been a form of charter in which the group is not too large (couples, families, etc.). This style of charter has shown to be quite effective. We are certain that this approach will enable us to provide our customers with the high level of service they expect while also adhering to the emerging trend of luxury chartering and cruising.

The Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 has a weekly rental cost that can range anywhere from 5,900 Euros to 12,900 Euros, depending on the time of year. The months of July and August, which are considered to be high season, always have the most costly terms. These prices include a 10% discount for making reservations in advance.

Oceanis Yacht 54 Review 3
Oceanis Yacht 54 Review 3


In typical Beneteau form, both the hull and deck of the Oceanis Yacht 54 have been infused with a balsa core and an inner liner that has been vacuum-infused to the hull. Support and stiffness are added by a pair of aluminum beams that run the length of the boat beneath the cabin sole. This design feature is not common of Beneteau boats.

Cast iron is used for both the keel and the bulb. The boat has two rudders that are mounted on two stainless steel stocks, and the cockpit has two helm stations so that two people may steer at the same time. Our test boat was equipped with the optional 110-horsepower shaft drive and dripless coupling rather than the standard 80-horsepower saildrive, which provides standard power. The “Dock and Go” 360 saildrive and bow thruster system offered by Beneteau is an additional choice that may be made to aid maneuvering in and out of even the most congested docks and marinas.

As is customary with Beneteau, the plumbing and electrical system that is dispersed throughout the boat are both impeccably fitted, and the vessel satisfies all of the prerequisite CE and ISO 12215 criteria. A “Ship Control System” from Beneteau gives owners the ability to monitor a broad variety of onboard services via an app on their mobile device, such as the lights, the air conditioner, the generator, as well as the battery and water levels. There is a choice between two distinct keels: standard and shoal, with the latter drawing 6 feet 7 inches.

Oceanis Yacht 54 Review 5
Oceanis Yacht 54 Review 5


Sunbathers have plenty of room to spread out and relax on the deck, which is an expansive open area that is long and broad. The lack of grip points on the cabin top is partially compensated for by the presence of a modest bulwark that encloses the side decks. Beneteau has reinstated the cockpit arch, which was omitted from the First Yacht 53 in order to place a greater focus on the yacht’s performance on the racecourse. The cockpit arch provides a handy mounting position for the mainsheet, as well as the bimini and windscreen. The mainsheet is attached at a single point, thus there is no need for a traveler; however, a double-ended German rig is an option for captains who are more concerned with performance. Those who desire a sailplane with greater efficiency than that which is achievable with in-mast furling have the choice to go with a mainsail that furls on a boom instead.

An attractive and uncomplicated answer to the problem of storing and launching the tender is provided by the transom, which opens electrically to reveal a boarding platform and a dinghy garage that is large enough to hold an 8-foot inflatable.

Oceanis Yacht 54 Review 11
Oceanis Yacht 54 Review 11


The inside is decorated to resemble a contemporary urban apartment, complete with flush-mounted cabinet doors, neutral colors, and the sensation of ample space. It has an appealing appearance in the manner of Europe, and it will be an excellent location for hosting visitors. The joinery is made of Alpi laminate wood, and customers have the option of selecting between a mahogany or oak finish for their boat. The mahogany finish was used on our test boat.

We chartered the version that had three cabins and two heads. However, there is also a variant with three heads and a charter model that has a tiny cabin in the forepeak for a hired captain. Both of these models are available. Handholds are provided in the form of tall fiddles on each tabletop, sturdy grab rails alongside the companionway, and handholds mounted overhead. The saloon has a headroom that is well over 6 feet in height.

A refrigerator and a freezer of apartment size are located in the C-shaped galley that is located amidships. There is an option for a dishwasher to be included. The end of the port-side settee is utilized as a seat at the forward-facing navigation table that is located just aft of the owner’s stateroom in the bow of the vessel. It has an interesting layout that looks like it would be more conducive to pleasure than work, yet in this day and age of computerized navigation, it makes sense. The Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 comes with a comprehensive list of customization options, similar to what one would expect from the company Beneteau. These customization options range from a generator and air conditioning to various sound systems and upholstery selections.


In rather calm water and with an ideal breeze of 12-18 mph, sailing close-reaching with regular sails resulted in a boatspeed of 9 knots, which was quite pleasing. The boat’s fixed bowsprit was unrolled to reveal a Code 0 that resulted in the addition of a knot. The Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 is a fast boat, despite the fact that it is not a racer in the strictest sense of the term. A cruising catamaran of a similar size would not have been able to do any better.

With the assistance of our test boat’s large electric winches, tacking across an angle that was little less than ninety degrees was a smooth and uncomplicated process. When sailing strongly into the wind, there was just a little amount of weather helm, just enough to offer the essential input, and the large boat responded immediately to the wheel. When the boat is on its ear, the inclusion of a good pair of foot bracing in the cockpit and at both helm stations by Beneteau is a thoughtful detail that is sure to be appreciated. There is no substitute for having two rudders when it comes to keeping a strong grasp on the sea in challenging circumstances.

The deck was virtually level, which provided superb sight lines in all directions, and the general motion was simple and reassuring while we were out on the open water. This is the sort of boat that will work well for a variety of purposes, from sailing for extended periods of time to sailing for shorter periods of time with children. In addition, sail controls were impeccable during the whole journey. The in-mast roller-furling mainsail and roller-furling jibs functioned well, which made sailing with a reduced crew a straightforward endeavor.

Oceanis Yacht 54 Review 1
Oceanis Yacht 54 Review 1


As it should be on any contemporary sailing yacht, using the engine on the Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 is completely unremarkable. A pleasant cruise setting of 2,400 rpm generated a peaceful 9 knots, but driving the boat at full speed produced about 10 knots, which is nearly twice as fast. Stopping and backing are typical. The turning circle is rather small, measuring around one boatlength, and the helm control is direct and uncomplicated. In spite of this, having a bow thruster onboard any boat of this size is unquestionably recommended in light of the fact that modern harbors are notoriously congested places.


The Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54 is an exceptionally proficient cruiser that will satisfy the needs of a large number of sailors in a variety of ways. Imagine spending your summers in the Adriatic aboard the Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54, which will serve as an amazing modern sailing house for its owners, allowing them to host guests, customers, or family members in elegant fashion.


L.O.A: 17,12m
Hull length: 15,98m
L.W.L.: 15,40m
Standard draft (T-keel): 2,50m
Standard ballast weight (Cast iron): 4,500kg
Shallow draught keel: 2,00m
Weight of shallow draft keel (Cast iron): 5.130kg
Air draft (excluding antennae): 24,00m
Performance air draught (excluding antennae): 25,80m
Light displacement: 16.600kg
Fuel capacity (standard): 400L
Fresh water capacity (standard): 720L
Engine power: Sail drive (standard) 80HP / Dock&Go (Option) 80HP
Propeller shaft (Option) 110HP
Outside & interior design: LORENZO ARGENTO
EC Certification : Category A – 10 people / Category B – 12 people /
Category C – 14 people
Furling mainsail: 63,00m²
Self-tacking jib: 51,00m²
Furling genoa (105 %) 65,00m² / Code 0 123,00m²
Asymmetric spinnaker 210,00m² / I 19,90m / J 6,80m / P 20,00m / E 6,80m

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