Lagoon employs more than a thousand employees across the world. Their products are made in two separate locations during the production process. The first one may be found in Dompierre, which is located in the Vendee region and is a one-hour drive from Nantes. There, the Lagoon 40, 42, and 46 beverages are manufactured. The large models, including the Lagoon 50, 52, 55, Sixty 5, Seventy 7, and Sixty 7 and Seventy 8 power catamarans, are housed at the second, spectacular CNB (Construction Navale Bordeaux) site on the river Garonne in Bordeaux. This site is located in the city of Bordeaux.

Lagoon 55 Crewed Catamaran Charter Croatia 62
Lagoon 55 Crewed Catamaran Charter Croatia 62

The idea behind it

You can probably understand that the winning concept in development did not change, and as a result, VPLP design (Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot-Prévost) worked together with Patrick le Quement, a former chief of design for Renault, to create the naval architecture. In point of fact, three design studios have been involved in the creation of this new Lagoon 55. The interior of this new model was developed with the help of Nauta Design from Italy, which is a clear indication that Lagoon is positioning this new model in the upper tier of its product offering and closer to luxury yachts.

“Our plan was to construct a boat that provides an unrivaled view of the grandeur of the sea. We wanted to focus all of our attention on predicting the circulation on board, providing a generous amount of room, and enabling people who were on board to select their own personal preferred position. According to our past experiences, consumers tend to ignore designs that make no consideration for them.

Because of this, one of our goals was to create a drawing of a lovely boat that could be recognized right away as belonging to the Lagoon brand. – Patrick le Quement – external design

The transoms were intended all along to be exclusive gathering spots because of their proximity to the water. You picture yourself sitting on the deck of the boat, reading a book while listening to the sound of the waves lapping against the boat. – Marc Van Peteghem – VPLP design

All those who are passionate about catamarans are impressed by innovative design. The top innovations and novelties include a new design of entrance decks with stairs to climb to the cockpit that have been moved obliquely and a mast that has been moved more towards the stern to enable better sailing performances; this is a slick move taken from modern racing yachts. Both of these novelties and innovations are considered to be among the top innovations and novelties. In addition to this, a significant amount of focus has been placed on the flow of circulation and movement all over the boat. The designers of the yacht intended to ensure that every member of the crew could find a place on the vessel that was ideal for them.

Lagoon 55 Crewed Catamaran Charter Croatia 45
Lagoon 55 Crewed Catamaran Charter Croatia 45


When one first looks at the vessel, the new design of the stern immediately jumps out at them. The cockpit is enormous, measuring a total of 25 square meters, which includes space designated for meals and lounging. The cockpit and the back hydraulic platform, which is used to place the tender boat but also becomes an additional terrace or platform for sunbathing or access to the water for swimming, are merging together to make a single space. More flow is created by the entrance stairs, which have been repositioned to face more to the side in order to facilitate a fluid transition from the entrance deck to the cockpit. It gives the sensation that the entire cockpit has been transformed into a seaside patio, complete with an expansive and unobstructed view.

Flow is also generated by a novelty in the forward cockpit. This innovation is the seamless integration of the seating area into the bow area. The seating area is positioned at the same height as the trampoline or a similar height. In addition to this, the large window in the bar visually connects all of the rooms in the establishment, which provides an impression of flow.

There has been a significant focus placed on the lighting and ventilation. Nauta Design, in an effort to satiate Lagoon’s brief suggestion on attaining a sensation of being in close proximity to nature, including this additional perk as a bonus. The existing vertical windows have been supplemented with coachroof windows, which has resulted in an enhanced sense of openness.

“The fundamental purpose of the shipyard was to bring the same level of high-quality lifestyle seen on Lagoon’s larger cats, which is characterized by bright and elegant spaces and a sense of tranquil, harmonious lightness, to this new catamaran,” as stated by the shipyard. One of our goals, which we discussed with the constructor. In close collaboration with Lagoon and Patrick le Quément, Nauta opened up vistas and sources of natural light by utilizing horizontal lines to create a sense of continuity with the seascape and the horizon. This helped to free up visual space for guests, allowing them to more fully appreciate the sea, the sky, the sun, and the beauty of their surroundings. – Massimo Gino – Nauta Design

Lagoon 55 Crewed Catamaran Charter Croatia 53
Lagoon 55 Crewed Catamaran Charter Croatia 53


The all new Lagoon 55 is offered in 4, 5, and even 6 cabin layouts to choose from. In the variant with six cabins, the saloon area has a slightly modified layout, which makes gaining access to the rooms both simpler and more discrete. Every single cabin has its own private bathroom and en-suite amenities, regardless of the version you choose.

The owner’s cabin on a vessel with 4 cabins is the largest and most private of them all. It is located on the starboard side and takes up two-thirds of the hull. Other quests have nothing to gripe about because every one of their cabins has its own private bathroom. This means that they have nothing to worry about.

In the variant with five cabins, the owner’s stateroom is split into two separate cabins, with the exception of the aft starboard cabin, which has its entrance in the cockpit.

In the version with six cabins, the cockpit may be used to enter either of the aft cabins, but the saloon’s arrangement is modified in such a way that steps can be used to enter any of the forward cabins.

When you buy a brand-new Lagoon 55, you also have the option of designing your own interior arrangement.

The selection of high-end materials sends a strong message that Lagoon intends for this new model to compete in the high-end market.

Additionally, there is a generous amount of natural light provided in the bar area by two large windows located overhead. Each cabin has been designed with careful consideration paid to the nuances of its natural lighting, and the cabin’s designers collaborated closely to achieve the ideal sense of being in perfect harmony with nature.

Lagoon 55 Crewed Catamaran Charter Croatia 67
Lagoon 55 Crewed Catamaran Charter Croatia 67


There is no longer any debate over the necessity of a flybridge on big catamarans; today, it is standard equipment. If we consider the Lagoon 55 to be an extension of the Lagoon 52 (which it is), then it goes without saying that the flybridge is far more impressive and spacious. Its primary function is that of an additional deck, and in addition to a dining area that faces forward and a mini-bar with a refrigerator, there is also a sunbathing area on this deck. When the weather is nice, sitting on the flybridge is a very pleasurable experience.

The only issue the inspection crew found with the ship was the way it allowed passengers to access the flybridge. Because the starboard entry was not installed in the version that was used for testing, we strongly recommend having that starboard entrance installed in the new boat that you purchase. When there are two access points to the fly, it is significantly simpler for a single member of the crew to handle all of the motions. If you don’t have it, getting from the flybridge to the bow of the ship via the aft deck is a somewhat laborious process.

Since the bimini is stiff and cannot be adjusted, it stands to reason that the boom should be situated higher. Because of this, the crew may have to perform some acrobatic maneuvers in order to manage the sails and ropes around the boom.

Lagoon 55 Crewed Catamaran Charter Croatia 30
Lagoon 55 Crewed Catamaran Charter Croatia 30


The traditional rigging provides 186 square meters of sail surface area, which is increased when the mainmast is shifted toward the stern (standard mainsail and self-tacking jib). You will have a total of 266 square meters of sails surface if you choose to employ code zero and go with a square-top mainsail. It is more than adequate for cruising that is enjoyable, risk-free, and comfortable. On the hardtop bimini is where you’ll find the track for the mainsheet.

The testing crew who participated in the European tour reports that they were able to achieve an average speed of 8–9 knots when the wind conditions were moderate.

Lagoon 55 Crewed Catamaran Charter Croatia 68
Lagoon 55 Crewed Catamaran Charter Croatia 68


Lagoon, the world’s most well-known brand of catamarans, did not choose the name “Lagoon 55” for their very first model because they wanted to make a good impression. We should offer our congratulations to the designers of the new model because it features several design advancements that have not been seen before. Cooperation with Nauta Design on the interiors unmistakably places this model in the “Big four” category of the Lagoon brand, which denotes a more opulent category of boat that is, nonetheless, still accessible to the average person, particularly in the charter business. It is possible that in the following six to seven years, it will be a “great buy.”

This boat comes furnished with a BBQ and a number of different water equipment, including stand-up paddleboards, a kayak, a wakeboard, a water tube, waterskis, and electric scooters, in order to make your time on the water an even more enjoyable one.


Length 16.56 m / 54.33 ft
Draft 1.55 m / 5.09 ft
Displacement 27,7 t
Build 2022
Beam 9.00 m / 29.53 ft
Engine 2 × 115 HP
Fuel capacity 1,100.00 l
Water capacity 960.00 l


Price per week – High season Price per week – Low season VAT
€ 28.000 € 15.000 Not Included