Welcome to the “Baby” of the family, which is known as the Sunreef 50. Sunreef is well-known for building large sailing and power cats that are streamlined and sumptuous.

This boat, which was built by a Polish superyacht builder, is a shrewd move on the company’s part to appeal to sailing couples who are interested in sailing oceans or heading to their preferred cruising areas without the assistance of a crew. They are going after a market that is analogous to that of Privilege.

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This exquisite yacht boasts all the high-end features and design of their larger boats, including extensive use of teak, spacious cabins, and an extravagant master bedroom. The boat is fifty feet long. If you prefer, you may head up to the fly-bridge where there is a wet bar and sun loungers, or you can choose to have the aft cockpit extended with a hydraulic platform. It is a top-of-the-line luxury catamaran that can be completely personalized.

Sunreef 50 Catamaran Charter Croatia 2
Sunreef 50 Catamaran Charter Croatia 2

This type of catamaran is referred to as the Compact Luxury Catamaran for charter in Croatia. She has many of the qualities of her larger sisters that are 60 and 80 feet long, but she has two hulls that are just 50 feet long, and you may sail her without a crew. Just think of all the money you’ll be able to save!

Length 15.20 m / 49.87 ft
Draft 1.4 m / 4.59 ft
Beam 9.1 m / 29.86 ft
Engine 2 × 80 HP
Fuel capacity 1,000.00 l
Water capacity 800.00 l

Sunbathing on the Sunreef

It’s all about that, isn’t it? That’s what Sunreef is all about. Pure luxury when anchored, and the 50 does not fall short in this regard.

You won’t believe how much extra room there is on the new Sunreef 50 for charter in Croatia until you see it for yourself. Even though this is the smallest boat in the lineup, it does not in any way meet the criteria for being considered a tight vessel; Sunreef has made efficient use of the space that is available. The saloon is like something out of the TV show “Tardis,” and it flows into the aft cabin with its outside eating space and wet bar in a seamless manner. The luxurious flybridge can be accessed by steps in an instant and features an abundance of seats and lounging facilities in addition to the steering station.

You may also reach the forward cockpit up front, which is a feature that has been improved quite a bit in Leopard Catamarans; but, as you could assume, the Sunreef 50’s version of this space is a little bit more sumptuous.

Sunreef 50 Catamaran Charter Croatia 11
Sunreef 50 Catamaran Charter Croatia 11

Below You Can See

Because the most of the customization is done in the hulls, you will need to bring out your drawing board and collaborate with the Polish designers. This is because the hulls are where the majority of the work is done. The #1 hull was intended for use while sailing around the world; hence, the owner decided to put the enormous master suite, office, and bathroom in one hull, while the other hull houses the guest accommodations. When compared to yachts of a length that is comparable, these boats stand out due to the high quality of the finish as well as the sheer amount of room that is available. One of the other possibilities is a variant with five cabins and space for the crew.

Sunreef 50 Catamaran Charter Croatia 15
Sunreef 50 Catamaran Charter Croatia 15


Sunreef catamarans are not the lightest that are available on the market, thus their sailing performance is not the best. However, the comfort that they provide more than makes up for this drawback. These boats are designed to provide you with a luxurious experience while at anchor as well as to transport you to your destination in a timely and risk-free manner. However, at the Voiles de Saint Barth, you will not be able to win any of the races that you enter. And to be clear, Sunreef has never suggested anything to the contrary.

Having said that, the boat on the Catamaran Charter Croatia Sunreef 50 has been prepared for single-handed sailing, and if you have the lightwind sails in your sailing locker, you should be able to cruise along very smoothly even when there is a breeze. If everything on this yacht is in good working order, including the electronic winches and furlers, then you should be able to control it with only one capable deck hand. The exposed helm position is obviously not ideal in 35 knots of wind in a big sea while you are trying to keep a close eye on everyone else on the boat. However, if you were going on a long voyage, that high boom height would worry me (problems with reefing lines, anyone?). Also, if you were going on a long voyage, the high boom height would worry me. To reduce the potential for harm, I believe that you would, at the absolute least, need to make certain that you had a large number of redundant systems available.

They are going to release a model called the Amber version, which is going to be a limited edition and will come with a carbon mast and boom. This model is going to be aimed squarely at those who go on international cruises. Because of this, the weight should be reduced, and the speed should increase noticeably.