The islands of the Saronic group in Greece are among the most visited destinations in the country during the summer months. The reason for this is that Athens is located very near to a number of Greek islands. While Aegina, Poros, Hydra, and Spetses have seen significant growth in the tourism industry over the past several years, Agistri has remained relatively undiscovered despite its potential as a hidden treasure.

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The most distinguishing features of Saronic Greece, each of which has a personality all its own, are the clear water, the laid-back vibe, and the extensive history. Poros is fantastic for sailing, Hydra is known for its wonderful architecture, Spetses is renowned for its magnificent homes, and Aegina is the perfect place for family vacations.

Aegina Island Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter
Aegina Island Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter


Aegina was supposedly the daughter of the river deity Asopos, according to Greek mythology. Zeus kidnapped her and took her to an island not far from Attica that was originally known as Oenoni but was subsequently renamed Aegina once she arrived there.
Because of its picturesque setting and convenient proximity to Athens, Aegina is a frequently visited location for weekend vacations. Aegina, which is located in Greece and is part of the Saronic group of islands, is home to a wealth of historic sites, as well as lovely villages and stunning beaches.
Due to the fact that Aegina is also an island with a great historical history, having been one of the most significant islands in ancient Greece, it should come as no surprise that sightseeing is considered to be one of the top things to do in Aegina. The Ancient Temple of Athena Aphaia, which dates back to the sixth century B.C., is the archaeological monument that is considered to be the most spectacular on the island.
Aegina Town, the island’s attractive capital and administrative hub, can be found right in the middle of the island. Aegina Town is a wonderful place to take leisurely strolls because it is home to many beautiful Neoclassical buildings, as well as winding lanes and a lively coastal promenade.
Aegina is a location that has a long and illustrious history. Explore Paleachora and the archaeological site of Kolona while you’re on the island of Aegina, where the Temple of Aphaia is often considered to be the island’s most prized attraction. Vacations in Aegina may be filled with activities like swimming, lounging on the beach, going on excursions to explore the island, sightseeing, sailing, walking, cycling, and indulging in fine food and wine.

Poros Island Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter
Poros Island Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter


In ancient Greek, a narrow entrance to the sea was referred to as a “Poros.” Given that there is just a distance of 200 meters between the island of Poros and the shore of the Peloponnese, there is nothing that could more accurately define the island. Therefore, Poros is the island that lies in the narrow channel of water that divides the Peloponnese from it.
Poros is a small island that may be found in the middle of the Saronic Gulf, in close proximity to the islands of Aegina and Agistri. Because of its close proximity to Athens (a boat voyage to the island takes about one hour from the port of Piraeus), it is a popular destination, particularly for weekend trips away from the capital city.
Poros Town is the hub of activity on the island, and it can be found perched on the slopes of a hill with a view of the great Aegean sea and Galatas, which is just across from it. In addition, the lovely town of Poros is home to a wide variety of Poros accommodations, including hotels, stores, cafés, restaurants, and taverns.
Poros is a popular weekend destination for travellers looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Athens for a couple of days. It is a gorgeous island that is covered with lush vegetation and has quaint little settlements, pine woods, and organized beaches. Poros island has a limited number of tourist attractions, but the medieval Monastery of Zoodochos Pighi, which is surrounded by verdant vegetation, is considered to be the most significant of them. Poros is renowned not just for its picture-perfect town but also for its breathtaking beaches, which are characterized by verdant vegetation and azure seas. Although there are many more beautiful green coves for swimming, Love Bay and Askeli are the two beaches that are considered to be the most important on the island.
In particular, the island of Poros is well-known across Greece for its status as a favorite destination for sailors.

Hydra Island Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter
Hydra Island Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter


In ancient times, the island was known as “Hydrea,” which derives from the ancient Greek word for “water.” The name “Hydra” was given to the island because of the numerous freshwater springs that were located on the island.
One of the most culturally diverse and cosmopolitan of the Greek islands, Hydra can be found right in the middle of the Argo Saronic Gulf. One of the primary reasons why Hydra is such a popular vacation spot is because of its close proximity to Athens. If you take a boat from Athens to Hydra, you will be on the stunning island in just under two hours. It’s the best choice for a fast get-away, that’s for sure!
You won’t find any automobiles on the island of Hydra! The only means of transportation on the island are donkeys, boats, and people walking. The absence of automobiles, along with the stately stone homes that dot the landscape, contributes to the island’s endearing ambiance and helps make it one of the quietest places to visit in the vicinity of Athens.
On Hydra island, the primary form of entertainment consists of lazing around on the island’s quaint beaches. Due to the fact that the island is crisscrossed by several walking pathways that connect to beautiful locations with sea views and historical monasteries, hiking is a popular activity throughout the spring and fall seasons. Elegant homes and a museum can be found in the port area of Hydra Town, making it a really lovely site to take a wander around. On the island, the main activities are swimming and strolling, therefore there is not much else to do there. Because there are no motor cars on Hydra and there are historic trails that cover the island, hiking is a highly popular activity there. These routes lead to ancient monasteries, deserted beaches, and hilltops with stunning views of the Saronic Sea.

Spetses Island Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter
Spetses Island Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter


The names “Pityonissos” and “Pityousa” were given to the island during ancient times. These names originated from the ancient Greek word “Pitys,” which meant pine tree. The original inhabitants of the area, the Venetians, referred to it as “Isola di Spezzie,” which literally translates to “the island of aromas.” This is where the term “Spetses” originated (spices).
Spetses is both blessed and plagued by its advantages; the island’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is both too gorgeous and too accessible. It is not often subjected to harsh winds, but towards the middle of each summer day, a refreshing breeze comes up to cool it. Bougainvillea, hibiscus, plumbago, jasmine, and trumpet vines flourish in the moderate climate, spangling white walls with pink, mauve, crimson, baby blue, and orange blossoms. Despite the fact that water must be imported, these plants survive in the environment. Between the Old Harbor and the “D”-shaped Dapia, where sea taxis and kaikis huddle under guns left over from the War of Independence, the coastline is dominated by aesthetically pleasing homes. The island is perfect for complete relaxation, whether you choose to spend your time at the beach or in the countryside. It is a joy to go swimming on the beaches of Spetses because of their great seclusion.
The island of Spetses has a rich maritime heritage and a long and illustrious history. It is known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and the large number of tourists who flock there during the summer months. Because of its proximity to Athens, Spetses is a frequently visited location for weekend trips throughout the summer. The Museum of Bouboulina, which is really the residence of the mythical heroine of the Greek Revolution who originated from Spetses, is the most intriguing attraction that visitors may view while they are on the island of Spetses. The vast town is a pleasant area to take a stroll, particularly along the beach promenade that begins near the Anargyrios School, passes through the Dapia port, and then continues to the ancient port. The majority of the town’s retail establishments are clustered in Dapia, although Spetses Town’s tiny stone-paved alleyways are home to a diverse selection of stores. The majority of souvenir stores are located on the principal street that runs along the water’s edge.

Agkistri Island Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter
Agkistri Island Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter


Along with Poros, Aegina, Spetses, and Hydra, the Greek island of Agistri is considered to be part of the Saronic group of islands. The fact that it is only a short distance away from these islands makes it an ideal location to use as a home base when traveling to other Saronic islands.
The island of Agistri is a favorite vacation spot for many living in Athens, and it’s easy to see why. The island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Greece. Hotels, restaurants, bars, and organized beach activities are all available in the Agistri area. Moving out from Skala, which is also the location of one of the island’s ports, will bring you to some of the most beautiful beaches on Agistri, including Aponissos and Dragonera. They provide the ideal atmosphere for unwinding after a long day at the beach as they are surrounded by verdant vegetation. The little island of Agistri is well-known for the pristine beaches, quaint little settlements, and verdant flora that it contains.
Skala Beach, Aponissos Beach, Dragonera Beach, and Megalochori Beach are among the most popular sites to go swimming on the island. In addition, there are other nudist beaches in the area, with Chalikiada beach being the most well-known of them. Since this is a rather unpopulated island, renting a bicycle and riding about on the roads shaded by pine trees is a fun activity to partake in.
Agistri is a little island in the Saronic Gulf that is covered in lush vegetation and has breathtaking sea. Take a walk around the island to find some of the island’s secret coves and little Agistri beaches with pebbles. Megalochori and Skala are the beaches in Agistri with the most visitors and the best organization, while Aponissos and Dragonera are well-known for the natural beauty of their surroundings.

Peloponnese Guide Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter
Peloponnese Guide Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter

Peloponnese Guide

Catamaran Charter Greece in the Peloponnese is an experience like no other due to the stunning surroundings that you will encounter.
In the summers, there is a significant amount of wind, which is essential for sailing, and the majority of the seas are not dangerous. Because the Peloponnese has such a large range of little and large coves and bays, you will be able to choose a place to spend the night or swim in the gin-clear seas.

Ancient Epidaurus Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter
Ancient Epidaurus Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter

Ancient Epidaurus (PalaiaEpidavros)

The little community of Palaia Epidavros, which has a population of around 1900 people, can be found on the peninsula of the Peloponnese. It is situated directly between the Argolic Gulf and the Saronic Gulf and is just 30 nautical miles away from the Alimos marina in Athens. The devotion of Asklepios, the God of healing who was also the son of Apollo, was the primary focus of Epidaurus, which was primarily a religious town.
In addition to its status as the most significant port in the Peloponnesian region of the Gulf of the Peloponnese, this city is notable for the fact that a sizeable portion of its inhabitants was engaged in maritime pursuits in addition to agricultural work. However, they also have numerous expanding responsibilities linked to the operation and upkeep of the sanctuaries of Asklepios and Apollo Maleatas, in addition to the marketing of these places of worship. In modern times, the remains of each of these ancient sites may still be explored by tourists. In addition to that, we are obligated to make notice of the ancient theater, which may be found in the same valley as the Asklepios Temple.
Polyklitus the Younger, an architect from Argos, was responsible for the construction and decoration of the theatre. He was also responsible for the construction and decoration of other significant buildings in the same area, such as the temple of Asklepios and its statue made of gold and ivory, as well as the stadium. However, the theater plays the most crucial role, and this is especially true when we consider the fact that it has been so well kept that it is still put to use, and that its excellent work in terms of building and acoustics is still being utilized.

Ermioni Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter
Ermioni Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter


Ermioni is a tiny coastal town in Greece that is located in the Argolis area on the eastern coastlines of the Peloponnese peninsula. It is known for its beautiful weather and sunny disposition. This town has had a renaissance over the past several decades as a result of the large number of Athenians who have purchased vacation houses there. It was built on the hill slopes that surround a lovely harbor. There are a lot of families who come to Ermioni in search of quiet places to spend their vacations because of the historic architecture and the natural beauty of the area.
During your time off spent sailing, the port promenade is a wonderful area to take a stroll, stop for a bite to eat, and people watch.
This little village on the water is a wonderful place for families to vacation. Because there are so many stunning locations and attractions in such close proximity to it, its position makes it an ideal base for sightseeing trips around the region.

Porto Heli Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter
Porto Heli Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter

Porto Heli

Porto Heli is a tiny beach town with a significant port that can be found on the eastern side of the Peloponnese peninsula. This harbor is a popular mooring spot for fishing boats and yachts during the summer, which contributes to the cosmopolitan vibe that can be found at Porto Heli in Greece. In Porto Heli, there are a few beaches that are maintained by an organization, but the bulk of the beaches in the area are small, quiet coves with a calm environment.
Located in the Argolida prefecture of the Peloponnese, the town of Porto Heli is known for its picture-perfect natural port. This harbor is known for its high level of safety and often offers sufficient room for charter yachts to anchor.
Every summer, Porto Heli pulls in a large number of vacationers due to the natural beauty of the region, its convenient location, and the numerous opportunities for sightseeing. During the day, you may take in some of the captivating attractions that are located close to the port, and if you’d like, you can also hire a mountain bike and use it to get about the mainland.

Nafplio Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter
Nafplio Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter


On the Greek mainland, Nafplion is often regarded as one of the most beautiful cities. The village of Nafplion is only a two-hour drive from Athens, yet it feels like it’s been frozen in time.
A stroll through the winding, cobblestone alleyways of the Old Town is like taking a trip through time. The powerful Palamidi Fortress sits on a hill overlooking Nafplion and provides a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding water. There is a tiny islet with a castle on it that sits at the entrance to the port. This islet’s former purpose was to defend the town from invasions by sea. At any time of the year, Nafplion is a well-liked port of call for sailors.
Old Town Nafplion, which is guarded by the formidable Palamidi Fortress on its highest point, is filled to the brim with winding lanes, lofty homes, and picturesque plazas. When in Nafplion, you absolutely must pay a visit to Palamidi, but the Bourtzi Fortress, which can be reached by boat from the harbor, also offers some extremely excellent viewing. There are several beautiful beaches, such as Karathonas and Tolo, located in close proximity to the town.

Monemvasia Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter
Monemvasia Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter


The Castle Town of Monemvasia is widely regarded as one of the most breathtaking locations in all of Greece. Monemvasia, which may be found on the south-eastern coast of the Peloponnese peninsula, was totally cut on the reverse side of a sea rock during the Medieval period. Because this enormous sea rock is not visible from the mainland, the residents were able to escape being attacked by hostile forces.
In the past, the only means to get to Monemvasia was by boat; however, in more recent times, a paved route has been built to connect the entryway of the castle to the mainland. This is how the name came to be, and it literally translates to “one passage.” On the mainland, directly across from the rock, a whole new village has emerged in recent years. The sea view from the top of the castle is just magnificent, and a stroll around the Castle Town is like taking a trip back in time.
This incredible village from the Middle Ages was built entirely on the slopes of the cliff, and it features a stunning panorama of the sea from the highest point. Today, the majority of Monemvasia Old Town’s historic homes have been converted into shops, restaurants, and boutique hotels. There are a few beaches that are within easy sailing distance.

Elafonissos Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter
Elafonissos Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter


Elafonissos is a teeny-tiny island that may be found on the southern coast of the Peloponnese, directly below the peninsula that makes up Laconia. Elafonissos is a Greek island that is sometimes referred to be the Caribbean of Greece due to its unusual seas. The beaches of Simos, Sarakiniko, and Panagia are considered to be the most attractive because of their clear water and golden sand. It is the ideal location to spend the day on a sailboat, since you may drop anchor in these breathtakingly blue seas and relax there. The beach that attracts the most visitors is Simos, which stands out due to the clear sea and the unique environment that it offers. On the other hand, the entire island is encircled on all sides by stunning locations with unusual water in which to swim.
On the island, there is just one settlement, and it is there that the majority of the activities take place. After a strenuous day at the beach, people come here in the evening to take a stroll and have a pleasant supper. As a result, this location sees an increase in foot traffic.

Kithira Island Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter
Kithira Island Saronic Gulf Gudie Europe Yachts Charter


The stunning island of Kythira may be found off the coast of the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece. The island of Kythira is a part of the Ionian islands, but since it is located so far away from the rest of its Ionian neighbors, it is considered to be a more remote island.
The Venetians, who were in control of the island when it was in the middle ages, left a significant mark on the architectural style of the island. A Medieval Castle, a relic from the time of the Venetians, can be found perched on top of a hill overlooking Chora, and it provides a breathtaking panorama of the Aegean Sea. It is the most beautiful place to see the sunset!
The areas of Kapsali, Agia Pelagia, Avlemonas, and Diakofti that see the most visitors are the most commercialized for tourism on the island of Kythira. However, if you take a drive around the island, you will find wonderful beaches, picturesque monasteries, and even ghost (!) villages, such as the deserted town of Paleochora.
Your sprit will be lifted to new heights by Kythira!
The water at every one of Kythira’s beaches is incredibly clear, and the scenery that surrounds them is breathtaking. The beaches with the most visitors are Kapsali and Agia Pelagia, but there are also a great number of hidden areas where visitors may have complete peace and quiet, such as Chalkos, Lykodimou, and Melidoni.
In addition to the beaches, there are a great deal of opportunities for sightseeing. The waterfall may also be seen at Mylopotamos, which is located in the midst of enormous plane trees. The waterfall has a height of twenty meters, and the waters that fall from that height make a tiny green pond that is perfect for swimming.