A Croatia yacht rental is one of the most popular alternatives for many people since Croatia is such a popular yacht charter location. Europe is a highly popular yacht charter destination. Travelers from all over the world have long considered Croatia to be one of the best places to visit because of its stunning islands, untouched beaches, and lively beach bars, in addition to its overall tranquil atmosphere.

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Visitors who charter a boat in Croatia have the opportunity to drop anchor off the coast of picture-perfect islands where they won’t encounter anyone else. Croatia is a country that offers everything for everyone, from historical sites to beautiful beaches. You have the option of going to the lively city of Split, the walled city of Dubrovnik, the more tranquil city of Zadar, or a great number of other islands.

1. Croatian Entry Requirements
2. Covid-19 Regulations
3. Available Yachts
4. Croatia Yacht Rental Wind Conditions
5. Places to Visit
6. When Should You Go?
7. When Is the Best Time to Book?
8. Itineraries for Croatia Yacht Rental

Rent Guide In Croatia Europe Yachts Charter 1
Rent Guide In Croatia Europe Yachts Charter 1

1. Entry Requirements Croatia

Find Out More About the Entry Requirements for Croatia

The majority of the social distances and other measures imposed by Covid-19 in Croatia have just started to be lifted. Along with the resumption of air travel and boat links between the islands, public transit has also been restored.

Despite the fact that this is true, they are nevertheless subject to the closed borders policy that the EU maintains for all non-EU people until June 15th. When visitors arrive in Croatia, they are given a pamphlet that contains instructions and recommendations for the first 14 days of their stay in the country. These instructions and recommendations include wearing a mask in public places, staying in their accommodations unless it is absolutely necessary to do so, and avoiding large or group gatherings.

On the first of July, entry into the country was made possible for EU nationals and residents. As of the first of July, Croatia is still off-limits to citizens of the United States.

This online form needs to be filled out by anyone who plans to enter Croatia. On this page, you can discover the most recent and accurate information on the entry criteria for Croatia. Before departing on your Croatia yacht charter, you should make sure that you have reviewed the advice given by the FCO or the country in which you now reside about travel and that you have purchased valid travel insurance.

Rent Guide In Croatia Europe Yachts Charter 2
Rent Guide In Croatia Europe Yachts Charter 2

2. The Rules of the COVID-19

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When you arrive in Croatia on a Croatia yacht rental, regardless of how you got there—by air, sea, or land—you will be given a form to fill out. It is stated that you are required to adhere to the guidance that is provided below for the first two weeks of your stay on this form. When leaving the house, these measures include that face masks be worn, social distance must be maintained, cards must be used, and individuals should steer clear of congregating in large groups or in public places.

On a Croatia boat rental, social distance should be maintained at all times, and renting a yacht is the ideal option to maintain this distance from other passengers.

Rent Guide In Croatia Europe Yachts Charter 3
Rent Guide In Croatia Europe Yachts Charter 3

3. The Availability of Yachts

Find Out Which Types of Vessels Are Offered When You Rent a Yacht in Croatia

We offer a big selection of boats available for hire when you book with us for a Croatia yacht rental. Croatia is a popular place to go sailing since it offers a wide variety of sailing routes, as well as hundreds of marinas around the country that have boats available for rent.

  • Charter of the Bareboat If you are interested in a Croatia yacht rental and would want to explore the islands and sail on your own, you may hire a bareboat yacht via our website if you have the necessary expertise and certifications.
  • Skipper Charter. You may charter a yacht with a captain even if you have little to no experience sailing. The skipper will take care of everything aboard the boat, including helping you decide on an itinerary, recommending restaurants, and suggesting locations to explore.
  • Catamaran or Monohull. With Croatia yacht rental, you have the option of chartering either a monohull or catamaran boat, depending on the number of people who will be participating in your excursion and the amount of space that will be required.
Rent Guide In Croatia Europe Yachts Charter 4
Rent Guide In Croatia Europe Yachts Charter 4

4. Conditions of the Wind When Chartering a Yacht in Croatia

The winds are often mild to moderate, ranging between 10 and 20 mph, which is ideal for sailing in Croatia on a chartered boat. The weather in Croatia is notorious for being quite unpredictable, as one moment it may be bright and sunny, and the next there may be a strong wind.

The usual wind in Croatia is known as the Maestral (Mistral), and it blows in a direction toward the northwest. This wind is known as a thermal wind. The normal behavior of this sort of wind is that it begins to pick up around lunchtime and continues until 5 in the evening.

The Bura is a type of wind that frequently blows from the northeast to the southeast and is characterized by a generally chilly temperature range. The Bura is a wind that blows predominantly during the winter but may also blow during the summer; it originates in the mountains and has the potential to increase in speed from 0 to 100 in an instant.

Rent Guide In Croatia Europe Yachts Charter 5
Rent Guide In Croatia Europe Yachts Charter 5

5. Where You Should Go

Not only among sailors, but also among tourists in general, Croatia is becoming an increasingly popular tourism destination. The country’s scenic islands, desolate coves, one-of-a-kind cities, and wonderful beaches, in addition to its numerous quaint fishing villages, are all contributing factors to the rise in the number of tourists visiting the country.

  • Brac
  • Hvar
  • Mljet
  • Vis
  • Zlarin
  • Kornati
  • Split
  • Dubrovnik
  • Zadar
  • Sibenik
  • Skradin

You may go swimming in the aquamarine seas, snorkeling, scuba diving, relaxing on the boat or the beaches, paddleboarding, walking through the island’s cities or villages, trying out Croatian cuisine, or just having cocktails while watching the sunset if you charter a yacht in Croatia.

Rent Guide In Croatia Europe Yachts Charter 6
Rent Guide In Croatia Europe Yachts Charter 6

6. When To Visit

During the warm weather months in Croatia, chartering a boat is the best way to spend a holiday. The end of April marks the beginning of the charter season in Croatia, which continues all the way through the month of September. July and August are the months when there are the most people on the beaches and in the cities of Croatia, making these months the most popular time to charter a boat in Croatia.

Excellent sailing conditions may be found between the shoulder months of May and September, when there are also less people on the water. May is the month when temperatures first begin to rise, and even though September is much colder than the summer months, the water is still rather warm.

Rent Guide In Croatia Europe Yachts Charter 7
Rent Guide In Croatia Europe Yachts Charter 7

7. Now Is The Best Time To Book

Now is the perfect time to reserve your spot aboard one of our Croatia yacht rentals. We have sales advisers that are highly knowledgeable and thoroughly certified, and they are able to select the ideal vacation for you in Croatia and help you sail the way you’ve always imagined.

Our customer service representatives are happy to make suggestions for places to go and itineraries, as well as offer assistance in selecting the ideal vessel for your journey. Our sales consultants are knowledgeable with the boats and regions in Croatia, as well as the wind conditions and weather at various times of the year. Furthermore, they have up to current information on the processes and protocols involved in the Covid-19 study.

Rent Guide In Croatia Europe Yachts Charter 8
Rent Guide In Croatia Europe Yachts Charter 8

8. Itineraries for Yachts Available for Rent in Croatia

If you charter a boat in Croatia, you’ll have the freedom to sail in whatever direction you choose, based on the sights and destinations you most want to see. There are many different routes that you may take across Croatia, depending on whether you want to go to the islands, the villages, or the cities.

Every region of Croatia has something special and amazing to offer, and the waters there are suited for sailors of all skill levels.

Split Sailing Itinerary
Sibenik Sailing Itinerary
Zadar Sailing Itinerary
Dubrovnik Sailing Itinerary

Rent Guide In Croatia Europe Yachts Charter 9
Rent Guide In Croatia Europe Yachts Charter 9