One of the great superyacht destinations of the world and outstanding stop on a Mediterranean yacht charter is Santorini. It’s the most visited island in Greece officially known as Thira, sits in the Aegean Sea, halfway between Athens and Crete. The island interior is dotted with vineyards and traditional villages that let you see beyond the tourist hustle. Here are just a few reasons why this beautiful island is favorite of all who visit on a yacht charter.


Santorini’s intrigue reaches deep into the past, with the fascinating site of Akrotiri displaying a Minoan city destroyed by the volcanic eruption.

Santorni Greece History On One Place
Santorni Greece History On One Place

Spa in the Aegean Sea

Discover the churches built into caves and on the small island Palia Kameni you can dive into the thermal waters that form a volcanic spa.

Decadent High Life

Luxury boutiques line, restaurant terraces are wreathed in bougainvillea and lavish spa hotels offer endless Aegan views. Santorini is one of the most luxurious destinations in Greece. Plunge into one of the infinity pools where Aegan laid out in front of you.

Santorini gastronomy

Thanks to nutrient-rich volcanic soil, cuisine here offers extraordinary ingredients. Santorini’s chefs are always experimenting with local products with traditional recipes with modern gastronomy such as cherry tomatoes, fava beans and white eggplant making the island a top culinary destination. On one of the many culinary classes you can learn to make Santorini’s rich delicacies such as tomato patties, sfougato and seet koufeto.

Natural Grandeur

Unique beaches in exotic colours of black, red, and white are product of their volcanic sand. At Aspri Paralia (White Beach), Kokkini Paralia (Red Beach), Perissa and Kamari, the volcanic earth creates immortal works of art. Each year, thousands of people experiencing the sunset from Oia, the view from the cliffs at sunset has launched a thousand postcards. If you prefer a quieter, intimate experience, enjoy the sunset in Skaros or Kato Fira.

Hidden gems of Santorini

From Fira and Imerovigli, situated 330 m above sea level you will discover the mediaeval capital of Santorini. Within the Venetian castle you will find houses, temples and the former residences.
Try the one of a kind whites and reds of Santorini, especially the renowned Vinsanto from the volcanic vineyards.

Young Woman On A Luxury Catamaran Santorini
Young Woman On A Luxury Catamaran Santorini

Float through the Cyclades

You’ll easily be able to cruise through the other Cyclades islands with Europe yacht charter, soaking up the party scene of Mykonos, beauty of Folegandros and the breathtaking beaches of Milos.